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You may have many questions in mind. Whether chemical is good for your system. You need to first understand the use of these products. The chemical removers are available in three varieties. The ingredients used in these chemicals are toxic. They will clear the clog properly but have side effects. If they are misused, your pipes may get damage. Even these chemicals are hard on the environment. You need to understand the process of their use. The Phoenix Plumber can help you in this matter. People use them because no hard work is required. 
Working with the chemicals 
These chemicals make the life simple. You need not put extra efforts. You do not require any tool or plumbing knowledge. These chemicals generate heat that will clean the clog. These chemicals can dissolve the organic material. It may affect your skin and eyes if not used carefully. They may release fumes that can harm your body. There are caustic, oxidizing, and acid drain cleaners. All three have different features. The caustic cleaners include potash, lye and caustic ingredients. Their work is to burn organic material and metal to clean them. The other variety is oxidized cleaners. They include peroxide, nitrate, and bleach. This cleaner will dissolve clogs through its oxidizing effect. Whether the clog is due to food particles or standing water, it will clear them. The third ones are acid cleaners. It is dangerous to use them. It includes hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. It is usually available with plumbers. You should not use it yourself. It is suggested by Plumber Phoenix AZ service not to plunge after the use of the chemical. You can use plunger instead of chemicals for removing clogs. It is a safe method. It will not provide any harm to your pipes.

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Fixing clogs without chemicals 
You can even remove the clog with your hands. You need to put the gloves and clear the debris. You can take your hand as far as it can reach. The pliers can help you in this task. After clearing debris, check the drain. You can cover your drains with cover. The drain cover is available in the market. You can even buy it from Phoenix Plumbers. It will prevent unwanted material to go inside the drain. The clog in the sink can be cleaned by removing the U-shaped pipe. Firstly turn off the water tap and put a bucket under the pipe. You can even cover the sink drain to avoid food particles to go inside. You can use the plunger to pump the clog. It will let the clog release through pipes. 
These home remedies are suggested because chemical cleaners are dangerous for pipes. The chemicals poured in drains may stick to pipe walls. It may come back in the form of noxious combination. Such combination can harm your health. The impacts are bad if it is used regularly. Once in a while won’t damage anything. You can prepare cleaner yourself. Add baking soda into your drains. After that add vinegar and sit for 15 minutes at least. Pour hot water on it. Such solutions may not work quickly. You may need to repeat this process to clean the clog. The best thing is to avoid pouring grease or oil into the drain. It will save the drains from clogs automatically. If clogs are stubborn, call Plumber Phoenix service. They have necessary tools or solutions to remove it. If you do not have plumbing knowledge, call plumber even for a small issue. it will be risky to proceed yourself. You may injure yourself or damage plumbing system. 
If you will ask the advice of Phoenix Plumbers, they won’t suggest the use of chemicals. The acidic material used in it may harm you badly. The life of your plumbing system will reduce. You may need to incur a huge cost to set the things right. You should always go for safe remedies. Such methods do not involve any risk. The use of a plunger and homemade solution is totally safe. The clogs are the smaller issues. You cannot ignore them as results are destructive. The flow of water will stop. Your house may become messy and difficult to clean. 
So, if you are confused what will work best for your house contact Plumber Phoenix AZ. We can give best solutions which are most affordable. Give us a chance to prove.

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